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- Mary Carstensen, Colonel, United States Army Medical Department Activity Commanding Officer, Fort Drum, NY

Dr. David F. Rosner with Official Commendation from USA MEDDAC for years of service at Fort Drum

During this period, Dr. Rosner gained an understanding of the specialized needs of active duty soldiers, military families, and military retirees. Dr. Rosner realizes it is important for active duty soldiers to maintain their health so they are combat-ready and deployable.

If you are in need of surgical services or a surgical consult, please do not hesitate to ask for a referral to Dr. Rosner’s office. His office gives high priority to all referrals of active duty soldiers, military family members and military retirees. Dr. Rosner’s office is a surgical services provider through the military health plan TRICARE, and is experienced in filing claims and handling paperwork associated with the plan.

Dr. Rosner is unique in that he has first hand experience in treating members of the military. For almost 15 years, Dr. Rosner has been closely associated with the Army here at Fort Drum. He performed surgical services at an on-site surgical clinic, and took calls for the urgent care center, through  USA MEDDAC, Fort Drum, Guthrie Health Care Clinic, from 1991 to 2005.

Dr. David Rosner provides quality, comprehensive surgical services with an understanding of the specialized needs of the military.

Fort Drum

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Recently I received a letter of thanks from (name withheld) about the excellent care you provided her during a recent visit to your clinic. She was obviously very impressed with the top-notch professionalism and dedication you displayed. Thank you for truly demonstrating our motto “care enough to make a difference.”