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  • Our office will go out of our way to make patients and their families feel comfortable.

  • Comfortable atmosphere: The examination and procedure rooms are spacious to allow family members to accompany the patient during consultation or to offer support during a procedure.
  • You will have a full understanding of your problem and what all the options are. Together, Dr. Rosner and the patient will develop the treatment plan. You will never feel rushed and will have all of your questions answered before you leave the office.

  • All patients see Dr. Rosner, not a Physician Assistant or a Physician Extender.

  • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

  • Your care starts at the front desk and continues right through to Dr. Rosner’s office.

A comfortable office atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and patient education are essential in helping a patient through surgery and the healing process. Whether in consultation, viewing informational tapes or explaining insurance coverage, Dr. Rosner and his staff are dedicated to your needs.

Surgical care of a patient entails more than just an operation or a procedure. Apprehension and fear are often worse than the surgery itself and, at our office, the goal is to provide care not only for the patient’s surgical needs but also for the patient’s emotional needs.

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